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THE PRUNE MAROON is one of our Sanding Collections. This songket dress consists of 3 colour threads which are Maroon, blue and silver tinted maroon. This 3D songket pops up in photographs and has been one of our brides’ favourites. This high end coloured songket will make you look elegant with the flowy net tail attached at the back. This one piece dress is meant to make it look like you’re wearing a 2 two piece dress which is very practical for the brides. It is easily the go to option with the maroon beaded lace, AB round and teardrop diamontees and pongee lining is added for comfort wear. We promise you, donning our Songket half peplum maroon 3D would make you look gorgeous and stand out in photographs.

AVAILABLE FOR RENT from size L-XL and men are not to be worried as we have the same Songket 3pcs Coat Raihan to be paired with this dress. We also provide several more options for men to choose from such as plain duchess Coat Raihan 3pcs. (Note: For men detailed price, please refer to men's section)

The Prune Maroon is available for rental and it comes with a custom Veil, Cucuk Sanggul/Crown, Necklace, and Artificial Handbouquet. Whereas for men, we provide you full accessories such as “Set tanjak, Dokoh, Keris and Brooch”. You may opt to add more accessories (at our accessories section.)

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Below is the MAXIMUM SIZE of the dress, But GREAT NEWS!, we will do alteration (accept shoulders) according to your measurements by notifying your full detail measurements in the NOTE SECTION (please refer to Tutorial- Body Measurement).

Bride's Garment Measurements
Label size: L-XL
Measurements are in inches

Shoulders/Bahu: 15.5"
Bust/Dada : 44.5"
Waist/Pinggang :38”
Hip/Punggung: 47”
Thigh/Peha: 43”
Front Garment Length/Labuh Baju Depan: 57"
Back Garment Length/Labuh Baju Belakang: 68”
Torso Length/Bahu ke Pinggang: 14”
Armhole/Ketiak : 20"
Bicep : 16"
Arm/Lengan : 13"
Wrist/Gelang Tangan : 11"
Sleeve length/Labuh Tangan: 22"
Materials: Songket 3D, Pongee Lining, Net

(Note: For garment length, please add 2-3 inches from your shoulder down to floor for shoes)

i.e: Current length : 52"+2"(shoes) = 54" (Please Let us know this number for our alteration reference.) 

Groom's Garment Measurements
Label size: S-L
Measurements are in inches

Outer Wear
Neck/Leher: 14"
Shoulders/Bahu: 15.5"
Chest/Dada: 46"
Stomach/Perut: 44"
Top Hip/Punggung Baju: 47"
Armhole/Ketiak: 24"
Bicep: 17.5"
Arm/Lengan: 14"
Wrist/Gelang Tangan: 12"
Sleeve Length/Labuh Tangan: 23.5"
Top Length/Labuh Baju: 30"
Waist/Pinggang: 36" (Maximum Stretch)
Hip/Punggung: 46"
Crotch length/Cawat: 28"
Thigh/Peha: 27.5"
Calf/Keting: 18"
Instep/Gelang Kaki: 17"
Pants Length/Labuh Seluar: 38"

Inner wear
Shoulder/Bahu: 15.5"
Chest/Dada: 46"
Stomach/Perut: 42"
Hip/Punggung: 45"
Length/Labuh Baju: 29"

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